Adams County History & Genealogy

Adams County, Ohio History

Doctors and Dentists, 1905

OccupationNameLocation of PracticeGraduatedFrom
Physician Berry, J.S. Peebles 1870 Starling
Dentist Bratton, G.W. Manchester 1899 Chicago College of Dental Surgery
Physician Brooke, J.M. Peebles 1896 Starling
Physician Bunn, J.W. West Union 1873 Starling
Physician Carboy, C.S. Winchester 1879 Miami
Physician Coleman, W.K. West Union 1881 Medical College of Ohio
Physician Crawford, T.C. Dunkinsville 1897 Starling
Dentist Downing, E.F. Peebles 1895 Ohio Medical University
Physician Edgington, C.W. Blue Creek 1893 Starling
Physician Edington, C.W. West Union 1895 Starling
Dentist Edwards, W.T. West Union    
Physician Faul, W.L. Wilson 1900 Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery
Physician Gaskins, J. Bentonville 1860 Eclectic Medical Institute
Physician Gaston, E.M. West Union 1871 Miami
Physician Glasgow, J.A. Seaman 1874 Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery
Physician Guthrie, J.W. Manchester 1881 Kentucky School of Medicine
Physician Irwin, R.W. Manchester 1898 Bellevue
Physician Kirkpatrick, A.K. Eckmansville 1897 Miami
Physician Kirkpatrick, O.B. Cherry Fork 1886 Miami
Physician Littleton, R.Y. Stout 1895 Western Reserve
Physician Lockhart, J.M. Eckmansville 1872 Medical College of Ohio
Physician Loney, W.B. West Union 1892 Starling
Physician McHenry, O.E. Blue Creek 1903 Medical College of Ohio
Dentist Mullen, D.C. West Union    
Physician Robe, O.W. Peebles 1891 Starling
Physician Rouse, G.E. Winchester 1893 Eclectic Medical Institute
Physician Sproull, O.T. West Union 1886 College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore
Physician Stephenson, R.A. Manchester 1862 Jefferson
Physician Stevenson, T. Cherry Fork 1888 Medical College of Ohio
Physician Thomas, G.F. Peebles 1888 Medical College of Ohio
Physician Wickerham, J.O. Seaman 1897 Starling
Physician Wittenmyer, J.M. Peebles 1874 Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery

From Physicians' and Dentists' Directory of the State of Ohio, 1905
Cincinnati, OH: Galen Gonsier and Co., 1905