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Adams County, Ohio Family Bibles


This Bible was published in New York in 1874 by the American Bible Society with the title The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated Out of The Original Tongues and With The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised..

Mary Elizabeth Cokonougher(1856-1934) was born in Adams County, Ohio and was the daughter of Joseph Wisecup (1830-1906) and Phoeba Frost (c1830-1859). She and her husband Zachariah Cokonougher (1853-1904) eventually settled on Wisecup Hill near South Salem, Ross County, Ohio. Mary, the original owner of this Bible, was my great-grandmother through my father, Howard William (Bill) Cokonougher, and my grandfather, John Henry Cokonougher Sr. When I last saw the Bible in 1977, it was in South Salem in the possession of Maryƕs daughter, Anna Schmidt, who died in 1978. I lost track of the Bible after that, but I did manage to make photostatic copies of the Family Record Section before Anna died. The transcription that follows is as identical to the original as I can record it, including the original spellings, capitalizations, and punctuations.


Adtson Cokonougher
Born June 28 1824

Elizebeth Cokonougher
Born October 29, 1820

Sarah. A. Cokonougher
Born November 17 1848

John Cokonougher
Born July 14 1850

Mary E Cokonougher
Born March 18. 1855

Rodenea Cokonougher
Born January 31 1858

William. H. Cokonougher
Born February 16. 1862

Lieddy Cokonougher
Born. September 22, 1863


Zachriah Cokonougher
Born April 2nd 1853

Mary Cokonougher
Born February 14th 1856

William S. Cokonougher
Born June the 12th 1874

Provy M. Cokonougher
Born January 12th 1877

Joseph E Cokonougher and
Adson E Cokonougher
Born February 22 1880

John H. Cokonougher
Born July 6th 1883

Charles S. Cokonougher
Born September 20th 1886

Anna M. Cokonougher
Born September 17th 1892


Zackriah Cokonougher and
Mary Cokonougher was
Married August. 29. 1873


Adison Cokonougher
Died December 21, 1882

Elizbeth Cokonougher
Died September 12, 1872

William H. Cokonougher
Died October 10 1862

Lieddy Cokonougher
Died March 20 1874


Dorcas Frost. B. Dec. 22. 1872

harvie J Cokonougher
born June the 23

Zacriah Cokonougher
died sep 14 1904